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About Us

Among the brownstones of North Brooklyn, lays Williamsburg, a vibrant (Jewish) community.  The bustling shopping district is home to many shops and eateries featuring genuine (Hungarian) kosher gourmet foods.

Nestled among them awaits a chocolate lover’s haven. ChocolateWise, a charming boutique of handmade premium chocolates is a quaint café and a stroll through Chocolate Paradise all at once.

Our signature line of specialty chocolates and caramels, as well as our renowned classic truffles, are all handmade on the premises. They are shipped worldwide and spread sunshine to chocolate connoisseurs everywhere.

It all began, with the vision of a young man, to create the finest kosher gourmet chocolate. Inspired to succeed, he dappled and fine tuned the intricate process of chocolate making. Using the basement of his family home in Upstate New York, as his test kitchen, Joel Weiss, chocolatier par excellence, was born.

As word began to spread among party planners and catering venues he quickly outgrew his makeshift humble beginnings.  In 2007, he moved his operation to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. ChocolateWise creations are now readily available at specialty supermarkets such as Pomegranate in Midwood and are seen across the spectrum of various functions and special affairs.

What began as a search evolved into a passion for creating the highest grade chocolate available with Orthodox Kashrus Standards. In fact, all our milk chocolates are Cholov Yisroel and kosher certified under Rabbi Shmuel Berger’s supervision. 

ChocolateWise Café

Brown and white accents outfit the ChocolateWise boutique in a truly chocolaty feel.  The myriad displays of luscious chocolates are the perfect backdrop for this cozy café. As you savor the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, that rivals the coffeehouses of New York, consider complementing yours with mini cheesecake truffles or chewy caramels. Nutty nougats blend well with our premium hot cocoa.

Prepare to be dazzled by our razzles. We use the finest ingredients, for a truly remarkable concoction. Our ice cream is a sweet lover’s delight. Make sure to indulge your chocolate passion with our signature hot fudge topping. A palate pleasing combination anytime, our unique formula will raise your cravings to the ultimate level.

So visit us and fulfill your every heart’s desire.

We are located at 106 Lee Avenue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York.

Hours:  Sun 12-11:30

Mon-Thurs 10-11:30

Frid 10-two hours before Zman Shabbes

Saturday Nights 1 1/2 hours from Zman Shabbes-midnight.


Virtual Tour

Wafting up from the kitchen on the lower level is the unmistakable aroma of freshly made chocolate. Our expert chocolatier is at work doing what he does best, churning out trays of decadent chocolate for chocolate lovers everywhere. With utmost precision and a passion for achieving perfection, Joel Weiss, the head chocolatier at ChocolateWise is an undisputed expert in his field.

 The tempering process is a unique procedure designed to liquefy chocolate without heating it. The luster and shine inherent in natural organic chocolate is maintained when the skillful hands of a professional chocolatier tempers the syrup.

With all the time honed details down pat, the chocolate is then poured into molds and then transferred onto cooling racks to allow the chocolate to harden.

Later, Joel and his staff of artisans will decorate the truffles with cream swirls, geometric lines, nuts and other accents.


Gift Baskets

Prepared exclusively with ChocolateWise kosher gourmet chocolates these gift baskets are most impressive. Special Occassions, Holidays or Just Because our extensive line of gift baskets are presented with porcelain keepsake tea pots, mini pie trays and other unique collectibles.

The perfect hostess gift, chocolate complements any décor and adds flavor to any affair or special occasion. Looking for Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Engagement, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Mazel Tov, Graduation or Get Well gift ideas? A ChocolateWise gift basket is the classic solution to all your gift giving needs.

Each gift basket or sectional tray is adorned with ChocolateWise’s signature ribbon and bow. An elegant display of affection is evident in each box of assorted handmade truffles. Lined with gold foil and   lovingly arranged with the utmost of care they are sure to delight you and yours.


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